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In late 2011, I penned a vision of Captain America with a turban and beard into a poster for New York City Comic Con.
This inspired Fiona Aboud, a talented photographer to envision the 2-D image in the third dimension. Inspired in
turn by her work on Sikhs in America I donned the spirit of Captain America on a beautiful summer day in New York City.

News article with creative output of photo-shoot in images & words - CAPTAIN AMERICA IN A TURBAN: Salon Magazine

The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the article inspired a second journey on the streets of New York.

A follow up article - WHAT I LEARNED AS CAPTAIN AMERICA IN A TURBAN: Salon Magazine

A new face for Captain America: A conversation on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry

An interview with Steven Heller at The Atlantic Monthly: When Captain America Wears a Turban, What Does He Fight For?

The images below taken from iphone camera were released as a teasor immediately following the photo-shoot.

Images Courtesy Fiona Aboud and Pablo Finkelstein


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